Since Art College I have been wholly involved in design as a means to support the storytelling process - in theatre, TV and film.

I always begin with the basic premise that the set is a character, no less important than the human actors who inhabit it. The set needs to convey it’s purpose to the audience and to play out it’s role alongside the actors. At all times the set must fully furnish the demands of the script. Sometimes it simply needs to disappear, other times it must be much more dominant. I believe that effective production design lies in finding that balance.



"Striking Out Series 2" Blinder Films (TV Series 6 episodes)

"End of Sentence" Berserk Films (Feature)

"The Delinquent Season" Parallel Films (Feature)

"Drop Dead Weird" Ambience Entertainment (TV Series)

"Striking Out" Blinder Films (TV Series 4 episodes)

“Little Roy” CBBC/Jam media ( TV Series 52 episodes )

“Out of Innocence” Defiant Films ( Feature )

“The Guarantee” Eustace Film Productions ( 90 min TV drama )

“Roy” series 3 and 4 (TV Series 26 episodes)

“Moone Boy” series 3 Sky / Baby Cow (TV Series 6 episodes )

“Roy” series 2 CBBC/Jam media ( TV Series 13 episodes )

“Moone Boy” series 2 Sky / Baby Cow (TV Series 6 episodes )

“Moone Boy” series 1 Sky / Baby Cow(TV Series 6 episodes )

"Saving the Titanic” Tile Films ( 90 min TV drama )

“The Runway” Fastnet Films ( Feature )

“Stardust” Brackside( 2 x 60 min TV dramas )



Ray was born in Dublin and studied design from 1976-1979 in an earlier incarnation of what is now IADT. Whilst studying there, Ray developed a keen interest in design for theatre which led to his first job, as a design assistant in Ireland’s National Theatre, The Abbey. His first production design credit there was “LONE STAR”, on the Abbey’s smaller stage; 'The Peacock' in 1981. 

Later in 1981 Ray joined Ireland's National TV Network, RTE and spent seven years in the design department there, working on every conceivable type of programme. Since becoming freelance in 1988, Ray has designed quite literally countless productions for television and film.  He also returned occasionally to theatre to design main stage productions at the Abbey, including "Shadow of a Gunman'', "Summer" and “The Devil's Disciple”, along with a number of productions for the Abbey's touring programme and some more for it's smaller second stage, The Peacock. He has designed sets in almost all of Dublin’s theatres.

Around 1990 Ray began to design commercials. Over a roughly twenty year span, best guess is that he designed close to one thousand TV commercials throughout Europe, North Africa, the USA, Japan and China. Advertisers include AT&T, Ballantines, Bisto, British Gas, Burger King, Cadbury’s, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Coors, Deutsche Telekom, Duracell, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Guinness, Heineken, Hennessy, Hotpoint, K Mart, Kelloggs, Lever Bros., Liptons, Magners, Mastercard, Maxwell House, Mazda, McVities, Minute Maid, National Lottery, Nissan, O2, Pampers, Pepsi, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, Rabobank, Remax, Tetra Pak, Tyco, Visa, Vodafone, Weetabix + + +